Moro Books

When I was a young student I had a teacher that told me clearly and in front of all my classmates that “I would never succeed in my life and I would never learn to write correctly even a single page and a single thought”.

Well, I think she was wrong. Today I wrote 13 books that had been published translated in 7 different languages. Other books and other projects are coming soon.

So don’t listen and never give up when someone sentences badly about your life.

New Book

8000 metri di vita | 2023

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8000 metri di vita | 2023

Everest. In vetta a un sogno. Nuova ediz. | 2023

Ho visto l’abisso | 2022

Cometa sull’Annapurna | 2022

A ogni passo | 2021

Il team invisibile | 2021

I sogni non sono in discesa | 2021

In ginocchio sulle ali | 2020

Siberia -71° | 2018

Devo perché posso | 2018

Nanga | 2016

In cordata | 2015

La voce del ghiaccio | 2013